Your body is capable of healing itself .

”Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food ” Those were the words of The Father of medicine Hippocrates many years ago.

What if you could learn how to increase healing energy  and restore your body’s remarkable recuperative ”Natural intelligence” to improve your general well-being and relieve specific health problems?


Through a series of posts you will learn how to harness your body’s own healing force to restore your health and the health of those you love. The power is in your own two hands.

So-called “Medical” cures are actually illusions that may give the false appearance of health but are actually cover-ups, band-aids, crutches and make-up. Neither the patient nor their doctor are correcting the real cause of their disease. —Dr. Richard Schulze

You may take antibiotics to combat infections, dose yourself with aspirin to reduce pain or put a cast on a broken wrist. These medical procedures do not heal you because the underlying cause of illness is not addressed. Patients are not asked to change the faults in their lifestyle that created their condition. Since the cause of the disease is not dealt with or eliminated, the condition continues to grow and flourish within them and eventually it resurfaces with a vengeance. While we can’t change our DNA but we can alter how it expresses itself.External signals like nutrition, environment , thoughts, emotions, can influence regulatory proteins that determine how and when our DNA gets expressed in certain ways

The process of Healing will work if we keep our immune system strong through proper diet, exercise and healthy habits. Fitness is necessary for the body to function properly.Think of a squared tire: it won’t roll.

Physical exercise is a great way to be fit: it lowers the weight, improves the shape and fitness by strengthening muscles and bones, it regulates the glucose metabolism, releases endorphin that make you feel happy and helps regulate sleep.

Keep your eye out for our series of posts that cover healthy foods ,Super foods ,Workout routines ,Beauty tips and other Natural products .

Welcome to the family of Health & Fitness Junkies ! Drop us a message let us be a part of your journey .


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