The (TTC) Series -Trying to conceive .1

These series of posts took me a while to put together , it’s a subject matter that is close to my heart mainly because its a very sensitive matter that people have to deal with in private and also because i personally went through the struggles of trying to conceive .

It’s hard to stay sane when trying to conceive ,you go through a whirlwind of emotions and its hard to find peace and be patient.

It’s true that sometimes when you are ready for something it just seems to be more and more difficult to achieve and conception is one of those things that feel like they are strongly out of our control. Some of us have to try for over a year ,some over 5 years and some even get to a point were they lose hope. Unfortunately for married couples it can become stressful on the marriage and even lead to blame games as most men do not believe they could also contribute a lot more to achieve conception and most women fail to cope with the emotions that come with it.


There are times when seeing babies can evoke so much pain and you just want to avoid people who have children and people who can’t stop talking about their babies..Not because you are jealous but it’s just tough to deal with the emotions that come with it. Its even worse if you have no one you can talk to about it ,some partners aren’t as supportive as they should be and society can be judgmental. Let me not even start talking about all those false alarm pregnancy symptoms gosh its exhausting let me save that for another day .I know many people can relate to the above and i hope these series of posts are going to provide a platform where you can feel at home and realize you are not alone.


There comes a time in almost everyone’s life when you feel you are ready to hold your own flesh and blood . In some cases it’s because you have grown,matured,and achieved all you desire and feel you need that one thing to make it all complete. You need that extra reason to smile ,and that special someone to work hard for. In other cases its because you have got married , gone through the honey moon phase and now feel you are both ready to let your family grow .Some cases you already have a few children but really want to have another addition to the family . Worst case scenario you are following the norm -society expectations and feel pressured to have children because your family and society expect you to , or fear or reaching that alleged age were it all becomes more difficult .

As we grow up we are exposed to so many things that could affect our fertility like toxins ,alcohol and drugs .Its no secret when people start being sexually active they experiment with so many things to ensure they do not fall pregnant , some abuse oral contraceptives to manipulate their hormones to stop menstrual cycles ,some start taking contraceptives at a very tender age ,others abuse emergency contraceptives (morning after pills ) whilst others end up having to terminate unwanted pregnancies causing scarring of their organs ,an-ovulation and hormonal imbalance . Women have so many problems and things to factor in when trying to conceive for example hormonal imbalance , irregular periods, cysts, blocked Fallopian tubes ,endometriosis just to name a few. Men could be affected by low sperm count ,poor sperm quality ,erectile dysfunction etc . Please note some of these conditions are genetic and some can have nothing to do with your past -so do not beat yourself up .

My personal TTC journey started in year 2011 , It was a turning point in my life that forced me to transform my lifestyle and was a great eye opener about some of the things i took for granted – if i knew back in the day what i know now i probably could have cut my TTC  time into half and saved myself the heartache of repeated negative pregnancy tests .

I had to deal with so many conditions – hormonal imbalance ,cysts , irregular periods and the final straw was being Diagnosed with Tubal blockage , but i am proud to say i am a mother to a healthy three-year old baby boy born August 2013.

In these series of posts i would like to point out the issues that could be delaying your conception .

I will share tried , tested and successful natural remedies to fertility issues and natural ways to prepare your body for conception and increase chances of conception  as well as reduce chances of miscarriage .

I would love to hear your  journey  ………. yes you !




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