The TTC Series – Are you ovulating?

At first you feel it should happen naturally since everyone seems to have it easy ,but truth is  a lot of people just do not share their challenges most of the time and only a few easily fall pregnant and its usually easy to fall pregnant when you not trying that’s why we hear of so many abortions. Reality is that after two months of trying you could still be getting that red mark showing you have failed then you realize that this is the toughest battle ever but you should NEVER LOSE HOPE . I tried it all and truth is there is nothing like wasted efforts ,all the things you try will eventually lead to that double line you cannot wait to see.

Simple steps that might sound unnecessary could be all you need to conceive

  • stay healthy
  • exercise
  • eat well
  • avoid alcohol
  • sleep more – I MEAN REST MORE
  • stress less
  • drink water -i repeat drink WATER
  • AVOID fizzy drinks
  • if you overweight lose a bit
  • if underweight gain a little more

not forgetting the most important tip -Sex

But all in all i would say all in good time -God’s time so don’t forget to pray about it .

I have grown to realise that some men unfortunately tend to believe its a woman’s duty to figure out what could be the cause of failing to conceive when they are also as a matter of fact responsible for some of the infertility issues.
It takes two to tango ,
Sperm have a best shot of fertilizing an egg when they are healthy,strong and plenty. i have a few things that could help get sperm in a healthy state;
Cut back on alcohol and smoking-(drinking daily reduces testosterone and sperm count levels and also raises the number of abnormal sperm. Tobacco and drugs cause poor sperm function.)
Eat healthy-(eat foods high in calcium,zinc,folic acid,vitamin C and D ,this will help create healthy wiggly sperm.)
Avoid heat-(saunas,hot baths and hot tubs as well as laptops on your groin for too long can heat up and kill sperm.)
The sooner these few changes are implemented the better because sperm takes about 90days to develop

Amazing thing about conception is that its all about timing , Do you know your cycle ????

For those with irregular cycles its difficult to know when you will ovulate but technology has blessed us with ovulation detectors. unfortunately for those with cysts and growths our ovulation could be messed up and some months you might not even ovulate thus first things first you have to deal with the root of the problem- but we will get to that later.

The key ingredient here is sperm – it can survive a few days in a woman thus even if you have sex a few days before or after ovulation you can still conceive . Crazy as this might sound ,it works Just throw a pillow under your bum once in a while and keep your legs up after to make sure it doesn’t all slip out of you after .(but those boys are good swimmers so don’t stress).

Trying to conceive should not take over your life ,live a little try relax and it will happen faster . Women tend to end up obsessed about it and men start feeling like sex is now a business transaction . Keep the spice in your relationship ,do not stress or start to seek professional advise until after at least 6 months of trying. For some couples its even more difficult if one of you travels a lot -in this case you really could use an ovulation detector.

My first six months of trying were hectic i was really obsessed and thought it would happen over night ,i took pregnancy tests every month only to end up in tears. I also bought ovulation test kits only to learn that in actual fact i had not been ovulating.

Its tough ,i know of a lady who tried for 15years but still fell pregnant eventually …patience right…

I realised it wasnt going to just happen as easily as i thought , i became a woman on a mission to figure out all there is to know about conception and the connection it has with our general health and fitness… now here i am .

I would love to hear about your journey …..


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