The TTC Series -DIY Ovulation detector

In my previous blog post i spoke about how crucial it is to know when you are ovulating and mentioned there is an ovulation test kit you could buy to track your ovulation and time intercourse perfectly .For those who find it difficult to use or cant afford i have a more natural trick to determine when you are most fertile….its e cervical mucus trick ..


If you want to determine when you ovulate naturally use your cervical mucus. stick two fingers into your vagina and feel e texture of your mucus. Just before ovulation when you are most fertile, you might notice an increase in clear, slippery vaginal secretions — if you look for it. These secretions typically resemble raw egg whites, when you pull out a bit of this mucus it is actually a bit sticky if you rub it between two fingers its stretchy. This is the sign that you are fertile at that moment and sperm would survive longer due to this sticky mucus.After ovulation, when the odds of becoming pregnant are slim, the discharge will become cloudy-whitish cream and thick or disappear entirely.

Let me know how it goes …



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