Garlic milk-For Asthma,Pneumonia,Cardiac Problems, Insomnia,Cough And Many Other Diseases!

Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can heal the patient with food. ~ Hippocrates

Food is our first and foremost form of nutrition, hence, should be considered our primary medicine.  However, in our modern world, particularly in highly developed countries, from the moment of our birth, we are encouraged to live with the conviction, that the immune system is incapable of functioning on its own, without the use of medicines and drugs, for the treatment of common ailments. However most medications used are in the form of antibiotics, offering a whole lot of side effects. Although such drugs may be necessary, at times, nevertheless, all too often, they could be substituted by a safer and more natural approach.

Garlic milk is one of the tastiest ways to consume garlic. 


Benefits of Garlic ;

Garlic has been used in various cuisines, due to their unique aroma and flavor. Besides culinary uses, Garlic, the Wonder Drug possesses various medicinal and therapeutic properties and has been widely used in countries like India, for its curative benefits some of which i have listed below ;

  • Helps atherosclerosis
  • lowers cholesterol
  • lowers blood pressure
  • Helps treat gout
  • preventing upper respiratory tract infections
  • Prevents the growth and spread of bacteria
  • Helps Tuberculosis
  • Treating wounds
  • Helps treat Trichomoniasis (a sexually transmitted infection.)
  • Boosts metabolism
  • aids digestion
  • Treats yeast infection
  • Dissolves blood clots
  • Increases appetite
  • Kills intestinal worms and parasites
  • Helps treat cataracts
  • Helps treat arthritis
  • Helps treat diabetes
  • Help treat staph infection
  • Relieves tooth ache
  • Treats acne
  • Kills warts
  • Helps treatment of boils on the skin
  • Has a soothing effect on the intestines
  • treats asthma
  • chronic bronchitis
  • whooping-cough
  • Helps cure insomnia
  • Slows the aging process
  • Inhibits the growth of Candida albicans
  • Boosts body’s immune system


Properties and Benefits of Milk

The nutritious white beverage is full of a unique balance of nutrients.Milk

  • A rich source of calcium milk builds healthy bones and teeth maintaining bone mass.
  • Protein content in milk serves as a source of energy, builds/repairs muscle tissue.
  • Potassium helps maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Vitamin B 12 helps maintain healthy red blood cells and nerve tissue
  • Vitamin A promotes a healthy immune system; helps maintain normal vision and skin
  • Niacin: Metabolizes sugars and fatty acids 

Milk being a coolant in nature, reduces the hotness and pungency of garlic. Those who cannot tolerate the hot and pungent nature of raw garlic can best enjoy the benefits of garlic by consuming this exotic drink.

Health Benefits of Garlic Milk :

  1. For colds and flu– If you are prone to getting cold and flu, consuming garlic milk will greatly reduce it.
  2. For Feeding Mothers– Garlic milk is one of the best foods that increases breast milk. Giving garlic milk to feeding mothers immediately after child-birth ensures good and sufficient breast milk supply.
  3.  For PneumoniaGarlic milk is one of the best home remedy for pneumonia. We can easily give it to small children without any problems, since it is very tasty.
  4. For Good Digestion– Garlic milk is very good for treating digestive problems. Garlic stimulates the digestive juices and is very effective in treating all stomach ailments
  5. De Worming Medicine Garlic milk is one of the best and natural ways to remove intestinal worms. Make sure to drink it first thing in the morning
  6. For Acne– Consuming garlic milk is as effective as external application for treating acne. Regular consumption of garlic milk is an effective way to diminish further acne flares on the skin.
  7. For Sciatica– Because of its painkilling properties garlic milk is recommended for people who suffer from sciatica.
  8. Asthma – consuming three cloves of garlic every night relieves asthma symptoms.
  9. Cardiac problems – garlic milk is effective in reducing the levels of LDL cholesterol, preventing the formation of clots, and hence improving the circulatory system.
  10. Tuberculosis of lungs – This remedy is very efficient against chest complications, thanks to the sulfur components in garlic.
  11. Cholesterol – Daily consumption of warm Garlic Milk for a week will lower the levels of bad cholesterol while increasing the levels of HDL or good cholesterol in your body.
  12. Impotence – This remedy is effective in curing impotence. Additionally, eating boiled pieces of garlic effectively combats infertility in both women and men.
  13. Curing Jaundice – garlic has an abundance of sulfur, which is required by the liver for body detoxification. In fact, sulfur has great effects on a fatty liver. It has a high content of selenium and allicin, it promotes the production of bile, and hence lowers the amount of fat in the liver. Consumption of garlic milk for 4-5 days will effectively cure jaundice.
  14. Insomnia -The healthy Garlic Milk concoction, taken just before bedtime, alleviates insomnia 

How to prepare this effective drink .


  • Milk     – 500 millilitres
  •  Peeled and minced garlic – ten cloves
  • Sugar –  two or three teaspoons
  • Water – 250 millilitres



    Pour the water and the milk into a pot and then add garlic. Bring the mixture to a boil before lowering the heat to medium. Keep on stirring the mixture until it evaporates to a half of the original amount. Then, strain and add the sugar. Serve it hot.

    Do not worry about reducing the medicinal benefits of garlic by boiling it ,like many medicines that Herbalists use, that are “Soluble”. Which means that the properties of the Medicinal herb(s) can be transferred to another source, such as the water and milk, therefore the medicinal Properties remain in the Liquid.

    Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food !


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