The Detoxification series – Liver cleansing


Our liver is the primary filter of our body. Good health is impossible without proper function of the liver. Unfortunately, over time, we so abuse it and so overtax it that illness is the inevitable result. As part of a program to rebuild and repair the liver, we must:

  • ·         Remove all the excess fat from the liver
  • ·         Get bile flowing freely again
  • ·         Eliminate toxic waste that our livers have filtered out
  • ·         Dissolve and pass out the accumulated gall stones that are stored in our livers
  • ·         Regenerate the damaged and destroyed cells of the liver

Next to the skin, the liver is the largest organ in the body. In many ways, it is the most important organ in the body, and the last to be considered when it comes to health. In addition to being large, the liver is also a complicated organ involved in at least 200 separate functions. Generally speaking, the liver performs a vital role in regulating, synthesizing, storing, secreting, transforming, and breaking down many different substances in the body. Specifically, some of these include:

  • ·         Regulation of fat stores
  • ·         Cleansing the blood and discharging waste products
  • ·         Neutralizing and destroying poisons
  • ·         Protein metabolism, including manufacturing of new body proteins
  • ·         Metabolizing alcohol
  • ·         Managing chemicals and drugs in the blood
  • ·         Aiding the digestive process by the production of bile
  • ·         Helping the body resist infections by producing immune factors and by removing      bacteria from the blood stream
  • ·         Storing vitamins, minerals, and sugars
  • ·         Production of quick energy when needed
  • ·         Controlling the production and excretion of cholesterol
  • ·         Maintaining hormone balance
  • ·         Regenerating its own damaged tissue

The liver is so important to our well-being that many healers maintain that most diseases cannot develop in the body (that, in fact, no form of cell degeneration can occur) if the liver is functioning in an efficient, healthy manner. Conversely, an unhealthy liver is very likely at the root of most serious health problems.

5 Reasons why we all need to cleanse our liver ;


Did you know that a liver cleanse can help you lose weight

Many people are unaware that the liver is highly instrumental in the breakdown of fat. In every respect, the liver is just as essential to weight loss as are the intestines and the stomach. The liver produces bile, which is used by the digestive system in the breakdown of fat. When you cleanse your liver, you help it promote the production of bile, which will in turn assist your body in metabolizing fats. If you are serious about losing weight, then a liver cleanse should definitely be placed at the top of your priority list.


Did you know that you could possibly have up to 200-300 liver stones?

Liver stones develop in the body from a buildup of excess cholesterol. This cholesterol causes bile to harden into crystalline stones that create blockages within the liver and the gall bladder. These stones will inhibit the liver’s ability to detoxify the body. Liver stones also impair the liver’s ability to deliver nutrients back to the body, and they have been found to cause an imbalance in the body’s retention of salt and water. When you cleanse your liver, 100-300 of these stones can be purged from your system.


Did you know that a liver cleanse will help detoxify your body?

Anatomy of the Digestive System

It makes perfect sense to detoxify an organ that is responsible for removing toxins from the body. The liver changes toxic agents into harmless agents and waste products in a two-phase detoxification process. It is, therefore normal for some toxins to be present in the liver because this is where the body sends them for processing. A problem develops, however, when a buildup of inorganic and organic toxins begins to inhibit Phase I and Phase II detoxification. Removing these foreign substances from the body will help the liver get back to operating at optimal levels.


Did you know you can increase your energy with a liver cleanse?

The liver is an organ of transmutation. By this, we mean that it changes one substance into another. Some toxins that enter the liver are broken down and passed out of the body as waste. Others are actually changed into substances that the body can use. However, when the liver’s normal function becomes impeded by a buildup of foreign substances, these nutrients are not released back into the bloodstream in the necessary amounts. Liver cleansing will maintain this proper supply of nutrients to the body and noticeably increase your energy for exercise and daily activities.


Did you know that a healthy liver can help you look and feel up to five years younger?

By restoring your liver’s optimal health and functionality, you reduce the toxic buildup in the cells of your body. Your skin looks healthier and brighter, and the renewed breakdown of fat makes it easier for you to tone up, feel great, and look healthier than you have in the past five years.

We recommend adding Splina Liquid Chlorophyll to your diet to help your body maintain a proper pH. South African resident can get this product by contacting +27719642559 alternatively follow the link to purchase online

 There are foods that you can also include in your diet that are great for cleansing your liver , these will be highlighted in the next post .


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