Reducing belly fat with ” The MOTHER”

What is “The Mother “?

In short, it is apple cider vinegar that still has the culture of beneficial bacteria that turns regular apple cider into vinegar in the first place.

In ACV particularly, “the mother” is a complex structure of beneficial acids that seem to have health benefits. Unrefined vinegar’s have a murky appearance and typically still contain the mother culture. Clear and pasteurized vinegar’s typically do not contain the mother culture and don’t carry the same benefits.

Refined and clear vinegar’s are great for cleaning as they don’t leave residue. Raw, unfiltered and unrefined versions contain many more beneficial properties for culinary uses.

Does your vinegar have a mother?


How to use apple cider vinegar to burn belly fat.

About 1–2 tablespoons (15–30 ml) of apple cider vinegar per day is recommended to get the full belly fat loss benefits. It is best to mix it with water and drink it first thing in the morning before meals.

In general, to lose belly fat, apple cider vinegar at best is only a part of the story because its easy to grow back.

In order to keep it off, a healthy lifestyle program  would have to be adopted. Here are a few tips that would help:

1. Do a detox programme.

2. Reduce or eliminate white rice, white flour, sodas, fried foods and snacks from your diet.

3. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits or drink vegetable juices. Or you could eat protein with vegetables and carbohydrates.

4. Avoid eating too late at nights.

5. Try to get at least one to two bowel movements for the day.

6. Aloe vera juices can be added to the diet.

7. Drink six to eight glasses of water daily.

8. Do cardiovascular exercises followed by crunches for at least half an hour per day.

Excess body fat is no joke and should be treated seriously. Studies are also now showing that the waist circumference is a better indicator for predisposition to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, than one’s body mass index (BMI). It is very important for males to keep the circumference below 40 and for females below 36.

A large tummy is usually associated with one or all of the following:

1. Being genetically predisposed.

2. Poor eating habits or food choices.

3. Eating late at nights.

4. A sedentary lifestyle.

5. Constipation.


Do you need some advice on living a healthier life? Tell us about your health issues and we’ll get back to you .

Let us know if you need help locating your nearest stockist of ACV with mother.


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