Health & Fitness Junkies love to look and feel good without compromising their health , fitness and beauty .This blog is your go to health , fitness and beauty resource .

Let’s suppose you have purchased the car of your dreams ,would you neglect to change the oil or use the lowest grade of fuel ? Certainly not …our bodies  are like a luxury car  that requires us to be extremely ultra-careful about keeping them in optimum condition.

Are you trying to conceive / battling weight issues /fighting an illness/a parent trying to raise healthy children/just trying to stay fit , beautiful and healthy ..then you have come to the right place. We come in all shapes and sizes and there is no universal perfect body. Beauty comes from within, you might not be the best but as a Health & Fitness Junkie you will be the best version of yourself.

Without health most other things are not that important ,what is wealth without health ? Health is a dream of the rich and poor alike ,but it’s hard to keep up with the millions of different health products out there some of which make false claims. Every day, more and more workout plans, weight loss diets, detoxes, and fitness programs come onto the marketplace  some which cause more harm than good to our bodies. Going through all the options and comparing products can be a nightmare. Our mission is to provide alternative natural solutions to our health issues. However focusing on health alone is not enough that”s why fitness is also a huge part of this blog .

We bring to you an ever growing collection of natural products and super-foods you can use to achieve your ultimate goal of being healthy. We will look at fitness accessories, detoxes,  workout videos and guides, and any other safe product that can help us achieve our fitness goals! We will also share a couple of natural beauty hacks to keep us looking good in and out .

We know that being healthy and fit takes commitment and achieving our  goals will require change of lifestyle. We are practical and know that we can’t be perfect all of the time and that’s ok because we are only human.

Welcome to the family of junkies:)




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