Health & Fitness courses.

Health & Fitness courses

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How healthy is your diet? Are you confused about what to eat? Do you want to help others improve their lifestyle?  You will learn how to create balanced meals, set goals, adapt eating to achieve your objectives and finally understand how to master your health. Ideal for anyone looking to lose weight, boost energy levels or for those who wish to add nutrition to their list of professional skills.

It’s hard not to see on an almost daily basis the latest article, radio or TV spot on the newest trends in health and fitness. Confused? I’m not surprised. The truth is the fundamentals have never changed. Learn methods which have helped thousands of people lose weight, tone up, get fit and finally learn how to control their body for life. Register now to get started.

Grow your knowledge by getting a Diploma or Advanced diploma in any of the following courses;

  • Nutrition
  • Sports & Exercise Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Health & Fitness
  • Child Nutrition

These courses are certified by various institutions in different countries and can be your first step towards being a Nutritional therapist .

We also have courses in Photography , Marketing ,Finance ,Music ,Business and many more .

I recommend the Diploma in Nutrition to all Health & Fitness Junkies !


Get a free Diploma in Personal Nutrition…


Shaw Academy are an online course provider. This Diploma in Nutrition promises to show you how to lose weight, boost energy levels or simply add nutrition to your diet. Over 166,000 people have taken the course and you can read lots of positive feedback from actual students.


The opportunity to take a free Diploma in Nutrition in just 4 weeks which would normally cost £395! There are 10 lessons to take over a a period of one month which normally means you spending 2 to 3 hours per week working towards your accreditation.